Friday, 16 August 2013

Guest Blog - Writer Event Q&A with Sophie Moss

My next Guest on my Writer Events Q&A is Sophie Moss. I noticed that she was off to the Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference and was doing a book signing there, so I wanted her input.

Sophie is the author of a wonderful series of books called The Seal Island Trilogy. I have recently read The Selkie Spell, the first in the series, and was totally gripped. It is packed full of magic, mystery and romance. It drew me in and held me there the whole way through. I will soon be embarking on the next two; The Selkie Enchantress and The Selkie Sorceress. All three are available in ebook and in print copies.

Sophie is now busy working on her next novel ‘Wind Chime CafĂ©’, the first in the Heron Island Trilogy, due for release in November.

Sophie has been to a few RWA conferences, and here’s what she has to say about them. Enjoy.

What was your first writing event? (writing group, writers conference, book fair etc.)

Romance Writers of America Annual Conference, 2004. I had just finished writing my first romance novel!
Did you go alone (to Writers conference)?

I went to my first two RWA conferences alone. I've been to about five since then and have made a number of friends along the way. Now I have someone to share a room with and people to meet up with when I arrive. That said, I try to branch out and meet as many new people as possible once I'm there. It's all about networking!

When you went did you go with a specific plan in mind, or focus? did you structure the day, or did you just go and see?

For my first two RWA conferences, I did not go with a specific plan in mind. I went to learn. I attended mostly workshops on craft. I would not be where I am today if I had not taken two workshops that completely transformed the way I write: "Goal, Motivation and Conflict" by Debra Dixon, and "From Identity to Essence: Love Stories and Transformation" by Michael Hauge. After I'd completed a few manuscripts, I attended more workshops on how get published. I scheduled appointments with agents and editors and tried to pitch my stories. Now that I'm happily self-published, I focus more on networking, meeting other writers, and taking workshops on self-publishing.

Can you go to a writers conference without a specific focus? Can you just go and look?

Absolutely. Everyone is at a different stage in their career. Some writers are beginning to work on a first novel, others have completed a novel or a few novels but aren't sure which direction to go in in terms of publishing, others have several published novels and are looking to network and pick up marketing strategies. You can easily float around and absorb all kinds of information without having any set plan.

What did you gain from it personally?

Knowledge and friends!

Have you ever gone on a writing retreat? If so, what are your thoughts/experiences?

No, but it sounds fun!

For someone starting out, or wanting to go to one and not being sure, what advice would you give?

Try to find a conference that caters to your genre. Go with an open mind. Smile and be friendly to everyone. Sit with strangers at lunch and ask lots and lots of questions.



  1. Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Miranda! :)

  2. lovely interview between two lovely women :)) Great information about the writers' conference.

    Looking forward to your upcoming trilogy, Sophie!

  3. Having just finished 'The Selkie Sorceress', you're in for a treat Miranda. I can't wait for Sophie's next trilogy too!