Tuesday 6 August 2013

No Good For You - MWBB

This weeks Mid-Week Blues-Buster had the most amount of entries - a total of 16. And there were some incredible pieces. I have to say I was quite relieved to not be listed in the Top 3 this week, as I feel I have been in the limelight, with 4 wins and many placements, long enough.

But I really liked my piece for this song, which was very easy to write to, and from one of the saddest stories in the music business. I followed the lyrics quite closely. I hope you like it too.

   The prompt song this week was:
“You know I'm no good” by Amy Winehouse

I saw it as he swung you back on the dance floor. Not many would have, but I was looking. It was just above your elbow and it brought an image I wasn’t proud of.

As he swung you again I took a closer look; it had scabbed over. So what was it, a couple of days old?

It wasn’t there earlier in the week, I knew that. I’d kissed every inch of you, like I always did.

You smiled at the guy as he spun you round, and I saw it then; you, him, on his lounge carpet. You on your elbows straddling him. Maybe you bent to kiss him and slipped, or was it the movement? Rabbits come to mind.

You threw you head back and laughed when he dipped you, but when you saw me your smile faltered. I picked up my pint and took a sip, not taking my eyes off you.

The song finished and you came straight over to me. Leaning down to kiss me I took the back of your head and made it a deep one, giving you a wink as we broke off. And you smiled that smile that was just for me.

I glanced over to see the guy looking. I looked back, murder in my eyes. He knew the score.

You went off again this time to chat up the girls, and I relaxed, letting you have your time and enjoying a chat with the lads. Time shifted. I saw you dancing with him again. Okay, correction, he was dancing with you and the girls. Still, I didn’t like it. He was too close.

He saw me looking and just looked back. I wasn’t happy.

I glanced over at the lads and checked they’d seen it. They had. He had no idea what he was doing. But I wasn’t worried about him, I was worried about you.

You glanced over too and I winked again. You smiled. I was okay with that. So I moved to the bar and got us some drinks. I took them to the dance floor and cut in, stepping right in front of him, giving you, your drink, and dancing with you for a couple of seconds. I whispered in your ear and you flicked your tongue across mine. I kissed your neck and left you to it.

When the slow songs started you were across the room with the girls. I saw you look round for me and I laughed beckoning you. But as you walked to me he was there again, pulling at you to go with him. You glanced at me and I waited. What were you going to do?

And I saw it then, that look; that indecision, and I knew then as I had always known, that scab was no accident.

I moved quickly and reached you in a couple of strides, my hand wrapping round your arm, covering that scab.

“She’s coming home with me mate.”

He puffed his chest at me and glanced at you. You gave him a sympathetic smile and nodded. He didn’t argue, walking to the door with the rest of the departing club goers.

As the lads passed me they patted me on the shoulder reassuring me that the job would be done.

I led you out, my hands never leaving you. And in the back of the taxi I took your elbow, turned it over, and kissed the scab. As my head came up, our eyes met. The sadness in mine palpable, letting you know I knew. Your eyes were wide, but you turned them to gaze out the window as we pulled out of the parking lot.

I put my hand on your leg and you covered mine with yours as a tear rolled down your cheek. I pulled your hand over to my leg and put my arm round you, pulling you into me and kissing the top of your head.

Some would say you were no good for me, but it was me that was no good for you; I let you do whatever you want, but I love you, so what can I do?

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