Thursday 26 September 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Magnetic

 Lillie McFerrin Writes

I haven't posted any writing for a little while, mainly because I haven't written any because I am busy editing my novel. But tonight I needed to get my writing muse going, and the photo prompt for this weeks Five Sentence Fiction worked for me. Enjoy.


Jonas looked out of the starboard window, and saw space shimmer as they impacted what everyone was calling the ‘magnetic zone’.

Some suggested that it might pin everyone and everything to the inside walls of the ship, like some kind of massive gravitational pull; others theorised that it would send all the machines and technical equipment on board screwy, causing them to lose all navigation data, even wipe all star charts, so they’d be lost in space forever; none of them were definitive and most only added to the escalating hysteria. No one knew what it would do - if anything - to the ship or any of them.

They slowed and there seemed to be some kind of resistance, much like the surface of a soap bubble before it burst, and then they were catapulted through at such a speed that the tracers of the stars seemed to be never ending.

Then a voice arrived, beaming out of all the ships speakers informing them ‘You have reached the end zone, turn back or prepare to be incinerated.’


  1. Well, consider your muse prompted!

  2. I like the star wars feel and scientific tone to this piece.
    Keep it up

  3. Love it Miranda! I thought it might catapult them through space, but your words are much more potent!

  4. Loved the sense being created. Reminds me somewhat of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine' s wormhole. I currently watching the entire series online from Netflix. I up to the final season [#7] episode # 4.