Monday 2 September 2013

Mob - MWBB

My latest entry for the Mid-Week Blues Buster didn't get anywhere - there are a lot more other entrants and some incredible writers out there, so the competition is hotting up. I think my winning days are over, and to be honest, I'm just fine with that.

Again a soundtrack to a movie was the prompt and I really liked the piece that came out, although it didn't come out as dark as I had initially planned. Enjoy!

The prompt was a song from a soundtrack this week
The song is; “Tu Vuo’ Fa L’Americano”, sand by Italian crooner Fiorello, with Jude Law and Matt Damon riding shotgun, from, “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

Silvia was late. If she rushed it might not be noticed. As she neared the entrance to the club she slowed from a flat out run to a fast walk, straightening her skirt and primping her hair as she approached the door.

The club was in full swing, the music blaring out onto the street, and as she skirted the queue, Don opened the door for her whispering, ‘Hurry’ as she passed. This made her stomach clench; if Don knew she was late then everyone did, which meant he’d been looking for her.

She pushed through all the bodies hanging around the cloakrooms and went into the club, circling the edge where there were less people and scanning the tables facing the stage. She spotted him, sitting proud, arm over an empty chair next to him, foot taping to the band, but not as enraptured as those around him, instead looking round – looking for her.

When Johnny spotted her, she smiled, but he didn’t. She squeezed passed the other tables and finally reached the chair he’d kept for her, sinking into it.

“Hi Honey.”

“Where have you been?”

“I was getting ready, but lost track of time. I’m so sorry.”

He eyed her without smiling, and then leaned over. She thought he was going to kiss her, but his nose went to her neck and sniffed. She shifted in her seat, resisting the urge to pull away.

“You’ve bathed to cover the smell, haven’t you?”

Her eyes shifted to the band for a second before she replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“If I find out you’ve been with him, I’ll kill you both. You know that, don’t you?”

Silva didn’t speak, only looked at him wide eyed. His glare didn’t falter. She held it, refusing to back down, until a waiter interrupted with a bottle of champagne.

Once their glasses were filled they were joined by the rest of his entourage, and Johnny behaved like all was fine with the world; laughing, joking, and pretending he was one hell of a guy. Silvia knew it was far from over, but his vengeful plans wouldn’t come to fruition tonight.

When Marcus came in and joined them at the table Johnny was all smiles. Silva paid little attention to Marcus, sipping her drink and focusing on the band, not wanting to spark any more suspicion in Johnny’s paranoid mind. But when the cue came and Marcus dropped his wallet on the floor, she practised what they’d rehearsed and swiftly slid under the table.

The gun fire came from more than one direction and she covered her ears until it stopped. As they’d agreed, she waited for a hand to come under the table and fetch her out to give her the all clear. The band started up with something fast and furious to quell the customer’s nerves, as people returned to their tables, and sure enough a hand appeared.

Silva grasped it and her smile grew as she looked forward to finally embracing the man she truly loved. But it died on her lips when she came face to face with her husband. Johnny’s wasn’t smiling.

“You thought I didn’t know? You thought the two of you would get away with it? Not tonight doll, not ever. He touched what wasn’t his, he paid the price.”

Silva’s eyes flitted to Johnny’s right, the crumpled body on the floor still seeping blood. A single tear fell from her left eye and rolled down her cheek. Johnny caught it with his thumb.

She whispered, “And me?”

Johnny smiled then, but only with his lips.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’ll be paying too, but not until later.”


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