Thursday 17 July 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Pages

Being a writer I couldn't miss this weeks Five Sentence Fiction photo and prompt word. I'm just managing to get it in before the new one comes out. I'm also going with a totally made up name. I hope it works.  Enjoy!



Feminy flicked through the pages of the book trying hard to remember what it was he’d said about where she should look, trying to visual him saying the words in her mind as he’d said them to her.

“Somewhere in the middle it’s there, hidden between the lines, several words in sequence reading vertically, and if you read them out loud it’ll manifest what you are looking for.”

She tried lying the book open on the table to see where the pages would fall, hoping it would turn to the right one automatically if the spine had been broken at right point due overuse of this particular cantation – but it didn’t; several pages remained upright and there was no definition.

Feminy sighed, knowing she would have to go with own her intuition instead, although she didn’t have complete faith in it. She took a deep breath and opened the book, planting a finger on the top line and reading out loud each word she found in the middle of every sentence, her flow only being broken by a smile as the world around her began to shimmer.

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