Thursday 11 September 2014

Horror Bites - Caught

The new Horror Bites photo prompt took a while to inspire me, as this sort of horror isn't normally my thing - ie. vegetation related. But I thought about many other great tales, like The Plant by Stephen King, and my mind started ticking it over. Here's what came.

horror tree

Janice stuck an elbow into George, causing him to jump. 

“George’s it’s doing it again,” she hissed. “Can you hear it?”

He groaned, turning over, and, mumbled, “I wish you’d take a damn sleeping pill.”

“George! I’m serious; this is the third night now. Listen!”

The dark bedroom filled with silence until a creak was heard, followed by a thump.

“Did you hear it?” Janice whispered.

“Yes, but it could be anything; the fence in the wind, a tree branch swaying. Honestly Janice, go back to sleep.”

Janice lay in the dark listening. She knew it wasn’t the fence; she’d checked it yesterday, and there were no trees close enough. There was a telegraph pole, but she couldn’t imagine how it could make that sound. It was like something – or someone – was taking giant, deliberate steps.

She started to count between the sounds, but they were so rhythmic they lulled her into sleep.

In her dream she could feel someone pull at her. She tried to move away, but her ankle was caught. She was worried because there was a storm coming, she was sure of it; the sky had gone a funny shade of green. Then there was a gargling sound. It was really nasty; she could feel it in her throat, but yet she had no trouble swallowing. Then she was yanked again, and something was brushing her arm.

Her eyes flew open, and she grabbed George’s hand, which was flailing in front of her. As she did so, she saw the other one pulling at something round his throat – and the gagging sound was coming from him.

In the lightless room her eyes made out something dark and fuzzy covering the bed. Then another tug on her ankle made her stretch up behind her and flick on the light.

The sight it beheld made her scream; Ivy covered the bed, its vines spiralling round her legs and travelling up towards her. As they pulled tight she knew she’d be garrotted like her husband - and there was nothing she could do about it.  

346 Words


  1. For a non vegetation related writer this is great :)

    1. Glad you liked it, came out better than I thought it would.