Monday 2 March 2015

Visual Dare - Elite

Due to work I am late with getting my Visual Dare written and linked up. But the picture was so compelling I couldn't miss it. This is what it said to me.


Porter looked out across the tangled grounds that surrounded their ancestral home, and sighed. He wished it still looked as grand as it did in its hay day when dignitaries would come and pay their respects, occasionally bringing gifts and reminding them how special they were. He missed feeling important, despite not actually having done much to earn it.

Their name had had clout, but that was about all, besides a house full of antique assets. And that too, was long gone now, having been sold off to the highest bidder.

He’d watched it all from the top window, which overlooked the courtyard where their contents had been laid bare. He’d seen the greedy faces of their rivals snap up the best, and been powerless to stop it. Now he was interred in the family burial plot, the last of the line to join his ancestors, he was physically unable.

150 Words

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