Wednesday 8 April 2015

Indulgence - 100 Words Challenge

I came across a new writing challenge - 100 Words Challenge. Another friend had posted up her entry and I thought, mmm, interesting, I'll have a go at that. The only shame is there is no photo prompt, so I have decided to source my own that relates to the story. Enjoy.

Long way down: Navid Baraty's latest series 'Intersection' is on view at the Bowling Green subway station
Photo by Navid Baraty - click photo to go to his website and see his other stunning shots of New York

 She wanted to feel everything. She wanted to engage all her senses; she wanted to smell it, see it, taste it, hear it - even touch it.

Hannah imagined all the sensations as she stepped up on the tiny wall of the penthouse balcony and looked down. The ground coming up to meet her, the traffic growing louder, the rush of the air in her ears accelerating as she whistled through it; the pressure against her skin, even in her mouth as she fell. 

She wanted it all. The spoilt brat’s last indulgence as her father would say. Her last hurrah.