Monday 8 January 2018

55 Word Challenge is back!

I was excited to see in my emails today that Lisa Hollar is bringing back the 55 Word Challenge Flash Fiction contest - although it is less of a contest now and more of a weekly inspiration and writing challenge.

Lisa ran this contest for years, and then had to stop due to demands of every day life. But after a three year hiatus it is back and I am excited. 😁 

I have always loved this contest: trying to squeeze a tale into just 55 words based off one or all three photo prompts provided. Back in the day I even managed to win a couple of times.  It teaches you about economy of words and forces you to find the right word(s) to describe something, which is good for all writing. 

So if you like to write and you like a bit of a challenge, come and give this a try.

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