Friday 15 June 2018

5 signed copies of Mostly Dark in aid of National Flash Fiction Day #NFFD #BookGiveaway

To coincide with, and celebrate National Flash Fiction Day on the 16th of June, I am running a Giveaway for my book Mostly Dark. I'll be giving away 5 signed copies of the Pocket Edition. 

It is a collection of 30 flash tales, the majority of which fall into the Horror genre. They are collected in such a way that they are divided by the phases of the moon: Full dark, Waxing, Full Moon, Waning, back to Full Dark again.

The back page blurb is: 

“Like the phases of the moon, Mostly Dark waxes and wanes with thirty tales of darkness and light. An intriguing maelstrom of broken minds and broken hearts, from revenge to desire, from new found love to soulmates, herein lies a tale for everyone. Prepare your senses for an emotional and sometimes terrifying ride. 

I will be running the Giveaway for 4 weeks – from Saturday 16th of June to Saturday 14th of July. All entrants need to do is sign up to my newsletter (click on the image below), and on 15th of July I will randomly select five names.

There is no restriction on countries. It is a global giveaway.

The Kindle Edition is only 99p at the moment on Amazon too!


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