Wednesday 5 February 2020

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 143

This week's photo prompt is of an art installation by German artist Cornelia Konrads which she did for the Centre d'Arts ete de Nature, in Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, (France). I am not sure who actually took this photo though as I can't find it on her site and have been unable to trace it further. 

I had no idea where this story was going, but then the ending arrived and I liked it. It worked. 

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He could see it, but had the others? As they came to a halt along the pathway in the woods and observed the ‘green door’, as Marjory referred to it, they thought it was just a pretty piece of artwork, but Travis noticed something more. There were loose branches suspended in the air around it. They could be set up with wires, but he didn’t believe this – mostly because he could feel the power radiating from it.

He also found it curious that Steve had brought them to a stop. Up until now, whenever he asked to stop they wouldn’t, as it hadn’t been long enough since the last stop. They’d only been walking for 20 minutes; usually they walked for at least an hour before taking a break. Had they sensed the power too, but weren’t conscious of it?

He considered mentioning it, but he was considered the goofball of their group, a science geek who had a particular interest in unknown phenomena that couldn’t be explained by human theories of physics or chemistry. He believed humans had basic calculations wrong, but despite years spent trying to prove it, no-one took him seriously.

This brought him back to the doorway. This could be a piece of evidence. He walked up to the door.
Jackie called to him, “Where’re you going, Travis? Aren’t you thirsty?”

He half-smiled as he glanced over his shoulder at her; she was trying to stop him without realising why. The sixth-sense of human intuition, maybe? Another thing science couldn’t provide evidence for.

“I’m just checking it out, Jackie, I’ll come and get a drink in a minute.”


He walked up to the door and scrutinised the twigs and branches around it. They were rigid and unmoving, and when he leaned in he could hear an electrical crackle. There was energy flowing through them, attracting them like a magnet to the shape of the doorway. It was not a built structure; it was formed by the collection of material drawn to it.

He stood in the opening and looked through. The path continued, looking no different to what they had just walked through. In fact, he turned round, it looked identical to the path they’d just taken, except ... he turned round to look, yes it was a perfect mirror reflection, yet their group wasn’t in it.
It might have been a trick of the eye if it weren’t for the collection of birch trees off at the back right. They’d passed an identical number on their left a few moments ago. And the placement of marks on the bark were identical, and then the rest of the matching plants and trees became apparent.

“What are you looking at?” Steve looked at the path behind them and back at Travis, having noticed him looking back and forth.

“I’m not sure about this doorway. I think it’s more than just a piece of artwork. I think it’s some kind of mirror.”

It was the simplest way to explain it to them, although it might not be accurate, but saying it was some kind of reflective orb of power would only result in laughter. Plus, maybe it WAS a mirror. Was it solid? He reached out his hand, taking his time, feeling the throb of power in his fingers as they moved closer. They went past the edge of the doorway, and kept on going until his entire hand was through, there was no resistance at all.

But then a strange thing occurred: He saw his fingers wobble, almost shimmer, and when he tried to pull his hand back it wouldn’t move. He was pulling from the shoulder, but there was no give. His hand was trapped.

The others had been watching him, and Steve jumped up. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” Travis tried to keep his voice calm, but panic was rising. “I can’t get my hand back, it won’t budge.”

Steve joined him and took hold of his arm, pulling on it, but it still wouldn’t move.

Then Travis felt a yank on the other side and his entire arm went through. “Help me!” he cried.

Steve grabbed Travis by the waist, pulling him back as hard as he could. For a moment there was a sort of tug of war, but then they both fell back as Travis was released. They lay there for a moment, relieved, but it was short lived as the girls started screaming and he realised his hand was missing. 


  1. Oh a very mysterious story. What the hell is on the other side of that mirror/portal?

    1. And that right there is the intrigue. 😉

    2. You have to find a prompt to follow up and tell us now!

  2. Here’s my attempt at this weeks prompt; The Advent of the Clairsentient I hope you like it.

    1. I loved it, such energy and peace too

    2. A tale that could lead into an epic novel.

    3. Seeing as though I never got where I was going this week, for sure!

  3. It stood there quietly, how long it had been there, no one knew. No one took any notice of the doorway at the end of the field next to the woods, but I did, though I never dare walk through it. The doorway stayed the same as I grew up, each week I would visit and dream about what lay on the other side. Yet I dare not go beyond. Now I'm older and more intrigued than ever, I'd not been for a few years and hesitated as I enter the field, I did wonder if it was still there, waiting. I am a lost soul these days and no one noticed me. There it was, still waiting, still standing. Taking a deep breath I launched myself forward a few timid steps at a time, taking one last look at the world I'd grown up in, I turn away and wish with all my might, "Take me home, wherever that is." Smiling I allow my fingers to trace the open door way before stepping forward into the unknown.

    Twitter username is - Nadkim. Title is - Into the unknown.

  4. I only got three stories in last year, so I want to do better this year!
    A Doorway to Nowhere

  5. Yikes! I nearly forgot to post a comment here! Here is my humble attempt: Nixie's Brothel

    Thanks for the great prompt, Miranda!

    1. Really enjoyed that intriguing take on the prompt. A larger story could be unearthed out of that.

  6. Whatever it is in me that's writing the words, it seems to have a lot of words to write.

    Inside My Eyelids (8)

    1. Very different perspective. Interesting take.