Wednesday 1 June 2022

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 252

This week's picture prompt was created by Swedish artist Andreas Häggkvist who has created art to highlight awareness for animals and the environment and to save our planet. He has also created (or is part of, it's unclear) an Instagram account for Art for Causes, where you can buy art to raise money to non-profit organisations working to save the planet. Definitely worth checking out. More affordable than I expected. 

I'm not sure what it was about this particular picture that inspired me, but it did, so here's the little piece I've written for it. You could say it is in line with the theme of saving the planet. An imagined conversation. 

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A long haired highland cow standing in a snowy field, bordered by trees, with a fox & fox cub and 3 squirrels on it, and another on the ground next to it. It is snowing and the sun is setting. Created by  Andreas Häggkvist

Southern Journey

“Do you think the snow will ever stop?” Mother Squirrel asked Mother Fox from her place on Mr Highland’s left horn.

“It hasn’t now for six months, so I really don’t know,” she replied.

“But we’re running out of food. Nothing new can grow in this endless snow. We’re fortunate enough to have Mr Highland to keep warm in but it won’t be enough to keep the babies fed.”

“It will be better down south.” Mr Highland’s deep voice resonated through his body as he joined the conversation. “We just need to keep going. And with Mr Fox scouting ahead, we should manage it.”

“We need to find a den though,” said Mr Fox from his position on the ground. Somewhere we can all rest for a few days, and maybe where I can hunt down a meal for us.

“You’ll be wasting your energy, love,” said Mrs Fox. “They’ve either died already or are hibernating, hoping this thing will pass.”

Maybe we should hibernate too, mum,” said Fox Cub.

“Oh sweetie, it would be easier if we could, but unfortunately it’s not in our DNA. We hibernate and we starve. Our bodies aren’t built to hold the fat required.”

“Neither is mine,” said Mr Highland.

“Or ours,” said Mr Squirrel. “That’s why I try and hide enough stash throughout the Spring to see us through, but we’ve had all there is and nothing new is growing in this frozen landscape.”

“It’s hopeless!” said Baby Squirrel who had settled into Fox Cub’s fur.

“Now, now, let’s not get carried away,” said Mr Highland. “I’m the only one who will be doing the carrying here. And I say we just need to keep going south. So all of you hold on and I’ll speed up a bit. Why don’t you jump up Mr Fox? You’ll be able keep an eye out for any potential den for the night from up there too.”

Mr Fox climbed up and joined his family who huddled together, with the squirrel family squeezing into nooks and crannies between their legs and tail to keep warm too. It also served as an additional blanket for Mr Highland who barely felt their weight. But that weight would get lighter if they didn’t find some fresh food soon.  He picked up the pace and kept moving forward guided by the occasional glimpse of the sun to stay on track. He was sure there had to be in a break in the weather soon enough. Everyone always said it was warmer down south.

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