Wednesday 8 June 2022

Review: A Winkle in Esturary Mud, by Michael Wombat

A Winkle in Estuary Mud: a poetpourriA Winkle in Estuary Mud: a poetpourri by Michael Wombat
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This is a collection of contemporary poetry written by Michael Wombat over the years and what a joy! So much emotion and some of it quite heart breaking, some of it wistful, existential, and some amusing too.

I'm not a big poetry reader. I studied it at school and college in with the curriculum, but much of that was dated or masked in terms that aren't fully understood anymore. This was fresh and contempory. Michael Wombat explains some of the forms he writes in, from Haiku and Tanka, to Villanelle. And he formats the poems on the page in unique ways which make it more attractive and interesting to read. The poems are divided into elements, grouping them together, which he explains in the introduction.

It's hard to pick ones out, but I laughed at Dylan Thomas Is Not My Real Mum, and really enjoyed the rhythm of Four-beat Downbeat. And The Breath Before The Kiss tugged at my heart strings.

If you appreciate poetry I would definitely recommend a dip into this.

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