Monday 25 March 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Conquer

Lillie McFerrin Writes
Lillie McFerrin's Weekly Flash Fiction Prompt - 'Conquer'


And this is where it took me:

She had done it and although she was elated she knew the hard part was yet to come. She had to work out how she was going to get him up there to the summit; she knew it would involve dragging him, but with the air so thin up here it was going to take a while, and she was worried the next team would be arriving any minute.

She quickly took the tent down, and wrapped his cold body in it, ignoring his wide eyes and blue lips, only relishing the fact that she’d been able to finally do it and stop another night of torture, even up here.

It was the only reason she hadn’t protested about coming, apart from knowing he would have ignored her anyway, it was a chance to catch him in a weak position, because up here he was weaker than her thanks to all the nights of near asphyxiation he’d put her through for his weird pleasure; they meant she had a better capacity for surviving on little air, which he didn’t.

As she started to haul his body up the final pass, she kept herself going by reliving the surprised expression he had given her when she’d overpowered him and flipped him over, jamming HER arm up against HIS throat for a change, and digging her elbow in the base of his trachea like he always enjoyed doing;, then smiled to herself as she remembered how he’d struggled for air, and stopped suddenly when she’d asked him, “How does that feel for you, darling?” just like he always did.


  1. This was an empowering take on this prompt. Very intense!

  2. revenge is a dish best served cold

    but it still can be tasty.


  3. You can feel the cold delight in her achievement and we will her onwards and upwards!

  4. A good example of the old saying, "Violence breeds more violence." Also, "You reap what you sew."