Thursday, 14 March 2013

Visual Dare 11 - Whorl

I'm a bit prompt with my Visual Dare 11 entry in on time this week, especially as I missed it last week. This picture took me somewhere else I didn't expect to go.


Alice cranked it up, twisting it round until it creaked. And then she let go, throwing her head back as the swing spun back round.

The clouds spun too, and as she lowered her head so did the houses. Her heart raced at the exhilaration it gave her, making her feel strong and as though she could do anything!

And she needed to feel that, she needed to muster all that she could, to face going home tonight because HE was coming for tea.

She would have to sit there and be on her best behaviour, while all the time being ignored by both of them. She would watch as her mother would fawn all over him, giving him everything he wanted, totally ignoring her. And then afterwards she would be given ‘the eyes’ when he wasn’t looking, telling her to Go! Disappear! Leave them alone! She wasn’t wanted anymore.

150 Words


  1. YOWCH. O my. Such a great entry. You completely captured the child's mindset in such a moment. The use of the swing to capture the photo prompt was excellent. Great job!

  2. I've done that time and time again on a swing, you definitely caught the feeling...I spent most of my childhood on the garden swing! Nice contrast with the excitement and then her deflation!

  3. This is great... and I had totally forgotten about the twisting the swing thing! Might have to try that again, although I've a feeling it might make me feel sick. Funny how roundabouts and things make you feel sick as a kid but you laugh it off, but as an adult it's just unpleasant!

  4. Thank you for all your comments! Unfortunately I experienced 'the eyes' more than spinning on a swing - but I do remember spending time on a swing cloud gazing too!