Monday 4 March 2013

Visual Dare 9 - Alone?

Trying to get my Visual Dare 9 entry in on time this week. I liked this prompt, reminded me of the couple of times I've been to Venice. Always worth a visit.


This is where this weeks photo took me: 

Garth was relieved she was gone. He was also relieved that no one had been around to witness her outburst. St Mark’s Square was empty, all the tourists were hiding away from the rain – even the pigeon’s had gone. 

He sat down at the base of one of the columns, and turned his face to the sky enjoying the sensation of the light rain on his face as he tried to forget the last words she had screamed. 

He wasn’t useless he knew that, but he wasn’t the man he used to be either. He used to be a happy, fun person, but now he was quiet, even withdrawn; not daring to go out socialising, because it wasn’t worth the upset when he got home. 

He shook his head, why was he putting up with this? This time if she wanted to leave he'd let her, he’d had enough!

150 Words


  1. A man at his breaking point - you captured it so well. I'm glad the tourists were hiding from the rain too -- I hate confrontations on a public stage. *shudder* Well done!!

  2. That's sad Miranda.. But I think he owes it to himself to let her go... She's making his life a misery isn't she?..x

  3. Really well put Miranda, people often see the opposite when a man bullies his partner. You've shown us his change of character so well, and I hope he leaves her!

  4. Thank you for all your comments. I often think men are bullied by women, but it's unseen as some men will put up with a lot. And sometimes I think I have even done it myself - I used to be a big 'scene creator', now not so much!