Thursday 18 April 2013

The other DFQWBS piece - Broken Dreams

I was undecided between entries for The Dark Fairy Queen's Writerly Bridal Shower, and ended up deciding to go with a more fantasy and fairy theme.

But I have been asked to share the other one too, and thought, why the hell not! So here you are:

Broken Dreams
Lizzy could still see Steve trying to get through the door of the hotel suite with it in his arms, as she lay flat out on the honeymoon bed watching him, engulfed in the volumes of silk, netting and taffeta provided by her wedding dress. She had laughed as he’d heaved the box over to the bed and dumped it next to her, enjoying the light spinning of her alcohol induced haze.

“What is it?”

“You have to open it to find out.”


“Of course now!”

“What have you bought me, Steve?” She struggled to sit up and clutched at the box to steady herself. It had flowers all over it and a big bow on the top. She pulled at the bow, making a mess of it, and had to waste time unpicking it to finally release the box. The lid popped up and pink foam packing chips fell out everywhere. She dug them out and rummaged around; trying to find what was inside.

Steve had plonked down on the bed next to her, laughing as she scrambled.

“I thought it was heavy the way you were carrying it.”

“Gotta keep you guessing now, haven’t I?”

She finally came across a small box in the midst of it all and dug it out carefully. It was wrapped in silver paper, and sealed with a red heart-shaped sticker. She glanced at Steve and he just grinned giving her his winning smile.

Lizzy carefully opened the present taking her time. Inside she found a beautiful white gold locket, on a long, fine chain. She opened it up, but it was blank inside.

“Turn it over.”

On the back it had been inscribed. ‘To Lizzy, Queen of my heart. Steve.’

She couldn’t help her eyes welling up, and she laughed lightly with embarrassment as she wiped away the tears. He lent over and gave her a tender kiss.

“I left it blank. I thought you might want to put photos of our children in there instead.”

She gasped and looked at him wide-eyed. They had never really spoken about children. She knew he wanted them, but he’d never really been drawn out on the subject; she knew that an ex had miscarried his child and it had upset him, so she had never pushed the subject.

She touched his face, running her fingers down his cheek to his lips, letting her tears flow freely. She kissed him then with what felt like her entire soul, and that night had been the most emotional night of their lives as they continually reaffirmed their love and desire for each other all night long.


She stood there in the dark remembering it, even recalling the smell of him that night; his musky body scent mixed with her favourite after shave.

She dropped the knife and the tip of it stuck in the floorboard with a low thud.
After all the screaming that had taken place earlier, the silence was deafening. She looked at them, the expressions of horror frozen on their faces forever. She had no emotion about it, she was numb.

She might have failed to provide them with a family, but he had failed to let his wandering eye get the better of him.

He had promised to remain faithful to her for all eternity, not until she was of no use to him anymore. He had promised to stand by her side through thick and thin, for better or worse, not jump beds when the going got tough.

Unfortunately for him though they had jumped into the wrong bed tonight.

As the sirens got louder and the blue lights started to flash across the room, highlighting the adulterous couples death throws, Lizzy started to hum a tune. And as they snapped the handcuffs on her, they asked her carefully what it was, and she replied, “It’s the song from our wedding. It was our anniversary today.”