Monday 15 April 2013

My #DFQWBS entry

I thought I had better be quick smart with my entry for the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower, being a host, and there just being one week to go! (Entry closes 22nd of April).

I was torn between two entries I had written, but this one felt more fitting to the theme, and more suiting to the bride to be.

I wish Anna & Michael all the happiness and joy in the world, and my only words of advice are 'keep communicating in good times and bad.'

Beauty in the Beast
By Miranda Kate

eBook: Yes

Larissa kept her wrists moving as they dragged her deeper into the woods, trying to loosen the ropes that bound them, but they were thick and strong and not giving her a chance at all.
All the creatures were coming out, keen to see what was happening, what the outcome would be; it wasn’t every day they saw a fine maiden, rumoured to have magical qualities, dragged through the woods by the dark one’s underlings.

But there was something else going on, she could sense it; her peripheral vision kept catching glimpses of creatures rushing around carrying things. It made her nervous.

Then they arrived at the clearing by the brook; the one she remembered being so musical when the dappled sunshine sprinkled on it in daytime. Now it was brooding, as though holding dark secrets in its depth. The trees surrounding it were lit with night shades of red and purple, lending an expectant tone as though celebrations were planned.

They brought her to a halt by an old oak tree, and snarled ‘wait here’ at her, as they shuffled away into the underbrush. Other creatures appeared and she couldn’t work out what they were setting up, as strange objects were brought out and some cloth was laid on the ground.

Then the thuds began and she felt panic begin to rise. They shuddered through the ground and signaled the steps of something large. All the creatures seemed to increase their pace with each one, not wanting to delay the impending event, or be caught in sight of whatever was making the sound.

Larissa started working at the ropes again, her mind searching for a way out of this; an exit route or a form of distraction, but then the thuds were behind the tree and she was riveted to the spot, eyes wide at anticipation of what would reveal itself. And she was not disappointed.

He stood at least seven foot tall, his shoulders filling the clearing, and the twisted black horns that sat proud and polished on his head, twinkled a little in the dark light. She could feel her jaw drop and her hands relax as she was powerless to stop her eyes meet his. But what she never imagined were the emotions that came when they did.

Blood rushed through her and butterflies took flight in her stomach. There was something magnetic about him, something appealing; from his broad naked chest defining every inch of his masculinity, to the soft gentle depth of his violet blue eyes that looked deep within her soul. Larissa was mesmerised.

She felt creatures ushering round her and her hands were set free, but thoughts of escape were long gone, in fact she now wanted to touch him – even ‘needed’ to touch him. And she did so. She tentatively reached out a hand and he took it, engulfing it in his own. She stepped forward, moving as close to him as she could without actually touching him. Her eyes never left his.

Now she felt her clothes being tugged at and something being wrapped round her. Her gaze broke for a second as she glanced down and saw the flow of black material that had been pulled tightly round her torso, defining her lines. She liked it, it made her feel desirable, wanton, and when her eyes rejoined his, she felt less meek.

An underling shuffled forward with a human in a strange brown dress. The human looked terrified, but opened the little book he had in his hands and started speaking rapidly. Larissa wasn’t listening; she was still looking into the beast’s eyes wondering if he had a name.

Their hands were brought together and something was slipped on to her finger. She did register that it meant she was married to him, now and for eternity, but she was okay with that, in fact over the moon with it, as now it meant he would touch her even more and she couldn’t wait - and it seemed neither could he.

The use for the cloth on the ground became apparent and while they consummated their nuptials in front of the entire forest, she could only think about one thing; she wanted to do this for the rest of her life.


  1. Totally worth the wait, loved it!! You'll have to post the other one at some point just coz I'd love to ad that one too :)

  2. Mmmmm, I will think about anyone else going to have two entries?

  3. Oooh! That actually made me think of Rosemary's Baby... that horned (horned?) figure... LOL - Great stuff, MK! x

  4. Rosemary's Baby? isn't that the one with the two women, and one pushes the other down the stairs or something? this was more inspired by Legend - you know Tim Curry, Tom Cruise, Mia Sara....Those sort of horns anyway! Maybe not the red!

  5. Latent desire, burgeoning into existence! Hot under the collar now...and I loved the 'brooding' woods, a sensual use of the word!

  6. Ooh, nice and steamy! I wonder if the spell will break.

  7. A whirlwind of suspense, brooding menace, and lust. Just my sort of tale!

  8. Who's a dark fairy now?!
    p.s. me detects a bit of a cliff hanger here, my friend. Naughty. Naughty. ;) I WANT MORE!
    p.p.s. I *HEART* this so much. SO MUCH!

  9. A gorgeous, sensual tale. I loved every drop. xx

  10. Cliff hangar? she gave herself to him completely and with consent - 'and they live happily ever after' - no cliff hangar there! *looks around shiftily*

  11. I always thought Tim Curry was more interesting in that movie than Tom Cruise's character. If this is a reimagined ending for Legend, I like it better than the orignal.