Monday, 17 June 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Home

  Lillie McFerrin Writes
Lillie McFerrin's Weekly Flash Fiction Prompt - 'Home'

They’d forgotten how long they’d been here; they’d stopped trying to count years ago as neither of them was any good at it, they’d been dumped here too young to have learnt properly.

They never left each others side and walked hand in hand at every opportunity. It had started as a need for reassurance, but now they didn’t know any different. They were everything to each other, but then there was no one else on this tiny island.

There was no desire to go home, this was home, and they would hide from any ships that came too close. 


  1. Very nice idea. An all consuming love. Bittersweet story.

    Barbara @

  2. It would be strange to go from being so alone to being among others and they might fear the intention of people onboard those ships. Bittersweet is the word - I agree with Barbara.

  3. Reminded me of Blue Lagoon...good imagery!

    1. Shhhhh! You'll give away my inspiration! LOL