Tuesday 18 June 2013

Visual Dare 24 - Mastermind

This week's Visual Dare had the most intriguing photo and prompt.


He watched them move around, like ants on an ant farm, rushing here and there, going about their business; doing all those things they thought they should be doing. He particularly liked it when they checked their watches; it made him smile.

He’d done his job well, bringing structure and conformity, giving purpose and urgency to their tiny insignificant lives. If only they knew how futile it was, how they bound themselves to a concept, created by nothing more than a mastermind.

A few of them had understood the idea, that Time was nothing but a construct, but by then it was too late, they couldn’t think without it, or live outside it, they couldn’t break free. It had become the very foundation of their existence, fed to them the second they arrived, down to the time they were born. He could only pity them. 

145 Words


  1. and how we live by the clock, well penned Miranda. How much of life would be enjoyed if we weren't obsessed by the hands of time.

  2. I would love to live in a world without clocks... It always seems to be 3pm here and Iv'e not written a word... Nice one babe..xx

  3. Well put! Smooth and ironic. Such a nice undertone of smugness from the POV character. Great entry!!

  4. Love this, the imagery, the flow of the concept, intricate and not overworded.