Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Visual Dare 26 - Engraved

Having missed last week's, I'm going to be hot off the press with this week's Visual Dare and one of the first to enter for a change.

It came to us all, didn’t it? We’d all reach that point, well unless we were taken early, otherwise it was our future; the story of our lives engraved in our faces - although hopefully not as deeply as this mans.

Miranda stood on the underground platform and stared at the enormous billboard of his face. Although she found it repugnant she was drawn to it, fascinated by it. How old was he? Was this simply from spending too much time in the sun? Was it in his genes? Was it a cultural thing? She pondered it all as she stood there, thinking about her own mortality. Then the air whipped up around her indicating the tube was about to arrive and the poster was obscured from view. But it stayed in her mind, making her think about her own aging process, grateful that it was not as blatantly visible.  

150 Words


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the matter the age. It is also more than skin-deep.

  2. As one grows older…we do think about the aging process, but we also pretty much say 'stuff it' - nothing I can do to stop the hands of time. The lines engraved, his life…as the rings in the tree. Well done for being 1st cab off the rank Miranda :-)

  3. A point of view on the prompt I had not thought of.

  4. Love the reflective tone of this one. If I saw this photograph larger than life on a wall somewhere, it would stop me in my tracks as well. Nicely done. :)

  5. There was an enormous billboard poster on the walls of the London Underground that this reminded me off. A very old man, but with his face covered in piercings. I could not take my eyes off it!