Tuesday 9 July 2013

Visual Dare 27 - Bruised

My story for this weeks Visual Dare has in my head all week, just waiting to be written, so I wanted to get it in before the deadline.

She sat in front of the mirror and rummaged through her make-up to find it. The tiny bright blue concealer stick was her saviour. It was tiny enough to keep with her at all times, and strong enough to cover the bruising.

If she did it just right she only looked tired and not like he’d been throwing one of his temper tantrums again. It brought less stares from the neighbours too, which was always a good thing. They didn’t like that sort of thing round here, although no-one had called the police yet. But they might soon when her bump became more visible.

The strange thing was that the closer they came to becoming a family, the worse he got. And for the first time she didn’t just fear for her own safety; after all it wasn’t just about her anymore, was it? 

144 Words

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  1. So scary that situations like this are real...very well written Miranda!