Sunday 14 July 2013

Visual Dare 28: Obsured

This weeks Visual Dare felt like a new area for me. Don't normally do gangster types, but the picture lent itself to it.

The smoke billowed and I coughed loudly, waving my hand rapidly in front of my face, trying to see the man, but he took no notice and kept chuffing on the cigar, sending a smoke ring my way just to annoy me further – it worked.

I had no idea why I’d been brought to him. I tried not to feel nervous and keep my knee from jigging under the table, but I was on tender hooks; what I could have done?

He gave me just two words; his voice deep and husky, probably from all those cigars. “Jonas Peach.”

My stomach sunk; shit I was in trouble now. I didn’t think any of them knew about that, it had been a cock up on my behalf. Occasionally people got in the way of other jobs. As I prepared my response I hoped he would understand that – but I was doubtful.

150 Words


  1. This is nicely written, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Yay.. we all were Gangsters Molls this week I think.. Nice one..x

  3. Thanks! It definitely lends itself to gangsters.

  4. Well done Mir, the Molls were out in force with this one, I think we had no choice ;-)