Monday, 1 July 2013

Little Gem - MWBB - WINNER!

For a second time I have won the Mid-Week Blues Buster weekly Flash Fiction competition. I felt like blushing when I found out, as it's sort of getting out of hand now! And at the same time I am extremely grateful and pleased that people are enjoying my writing and valuing it. It was a great boost to my Monday morning!

The song prompt took me back to my darker side this time.

The prompt was a song:
  “Who did that to you?” by John Legend
(From the soundtrack to Django Unchained, a Tarantino movie)
As he shoved the spade into the ground, the music blared in his ears. He loved his new MP3 player it fit so snugly in his favourite plaid shirt. His hips moved from side to side as he kept digging. He ignored the drips of water falling on his head from the surrounding trees. The light drizzle had been going on all morning. He needed to get this done.

He felt it before he saw it as the spade snagged the necklace. He threw the spade down and knelt beside the small hole. As he scrabbled in the dirt he felt for the pendant and pulled hard. It came away easy. He registered the cold flesh it had been resting on as his fingers brushed against it, but he was unconcerned about that; he was only here for the stone. It was the ticket he needed.

The song came to a crescendo as he stood and he danced, swinging the necklace in his hands while he played out the final drum beats. Then he looked at the hole that remained and filled it in, covering it carefully to make it look untouched. Then he went back to the cabin. It wouldn’t be long before she arrived. He needed to be ready.

When he heard the tires on gravel he was stoking the fire, having already prepared the drinks. He moved over to the stereo and picked out one of his favourite CD’s. There was nothing like movie soundtracks and John Legend had it licked.

He heard her footsteps on the gravel and then on the deck. The door was open and she walked straight in. He was standing by the fireplace and grinned on sight of her. She had on a short, tight dress; she knew what he liked. She paused for a moment, then went up to him and gave him a long kiss. She wasn’t messing about tonight.

A while later in bed, after she’d been satiated, he handed her a little box. She looked at him with a raised brow.

“For me?”

He smiled not speaking. She opened the box and froze on sight of it. He waited. The fear in her eyes when she looked at him again gave him a kick. It’s what he’d been looking for. He could feel the tension in her body through the sheets, and even the subtle movement as she tried to move away from him. His smiled remained, but it no longer reached his eyes. 

“Party’s over now, baby.” He said in a crooning voice, running his finger tip along her sheet covered leg. She was rigid.

She whispered, “Where is she? What did you do to her?”

He paused, and replied, “Are you sure you want to know? It’ll be much more fun finding out yourself, don’t you think?”

He heard her swallow, her mouth having gone dry. It was a sound he’d heard a lot.

The next morning he pocketed the pendant, which was now on the floor. He knew he should bury it along with her; make sure nothing could be found, but he liked feeling it in his pocket, it brought back such sweet memories, he wanted to keep it there for a while.

He plugged his earphones in and tapped the player; he had work to do. He grabbed the spade on his way out the door, dancing down the steps as he went. 

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  1. Well done Miranda! This is a creepy and disturbing piece, full of intrigue and well worth the win!