Wednesday 6 December 2017

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 33

This week's prompt was created by a Turkish interior designer called Manolya Fumelo. You can see more of her art over on Deviant Art. She calls it Reflection of a Conscience. 

I have produced only a short one this week, but it contained all that I envisioned for this picture, which conjured emotion rather than a story.  

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The painting led her away to a far away land she wished she could visit. Warm, blue azure seas and the imagined beaches they washed up on. She would dream about lying on them and feeling free, liberated from the world of emptiness she now resided in.

On calm days she would imagine floating on the surface, drifting to wherever the current took her, washing her up on some idyllic island where she would bask in the luxury of only having to care about herself and no one else.

On rough days she would imagine being on the deck of a sturdy ship, rising above the waves and ploughing forward through them to a place unknown but full of hope and rest.

But most days she would stare out at the ocean as though from a window of a cell, in a place she felt held prisoner, if not in reality then in her own mind.

And some days the painting would seem to leak, the seas so rough they splashed over into her own world, filling her with fear and hopelessness, unable to change or control anything; the inevitability of drowning becoming more real as she thumped on the glass attempting to break the window and release her soul.



    Once again, probably all hooks, though I am satisfied that it is more self-contained. Laser surgery on eye today so probably even worse proof reading than usual, it will have to wait until work allows some time to polish.

    1. This is wonderful. I love it. Perfect in its paradox. Like the circle it creates. Thanks for joining in.