Sunday 1 September 2019

Sleep - Release Day!

Sleep is out! 😃🥳

My new book, Sleep is now available on kindle and in paperback.*

This book has been a long time coming - in fact I wrote the opening 28 years ago!

So far the reviews have been brilliant. 

I'm so happy Lizzy Dyson's story is reaching readers the way I'd hoped. 

Why kill the man you love?

Lizzy was struggling, everyone knew that.
He shouldn't have done those things.
He shouldn't have pushed her so hard.
And now, her children, her marriage, her hope - gone.
It was all her fault, she knew that, but was there a chance of redemption?

Lizzy Dyson’s on trial for her life. She knows she must pay for what she did, even if it wasn’t planned, but will the jury believe her?

A domestic noir, suspense-filled psychological thriller about heartbreak and betrayal, Sleep reveals what drives a woman to murder.

Deals with the sensitive subjects of miscarriage and depression.

You’ll love Lizzy and you’ll hate her. You’ll want to hug her, you’ll want to slap her. But in the end, you’ll want to save her. An enthralling insight into one woman's shattered life, and the strength she must summon to rebuild it.” - Michael WombatAuthor of The Raven’s Wing & Fog.

“A compelling domestic drama where the tragic build-up to an awful crime unfolds through the eyes of a desperate woman.” - SJI Holliday, Author of The Lingering & Violet

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*(the kindle & paperback versions may not be linked yet.)

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