Friday 20 June 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Fenced

This week's Five Sentence Fiction photo prompt couldn't be missed. Fences offer so much and this one with a hole - oh my! A story had to be written I hope you enjoy it!


He was so relieved when he found the chink in the fence; he was beginning to think he’d never find his way off this island – although he knew that was what they wanted. 

He spotted a small sail boat out in the water, the first sign of civilisation he’d seen in months, and tried to call out but his throat was too hoarse from all the screaming he’d had to do already today.

He judged how fast they were moving and whether he might be able to swim out to it, while ignoring the thoughts in the back of his mind that said he was in no physical condition to do such a thing.

But he had to get out to them, he had to, it was the only way to calm his raging mind that had not stopped since all this happened.

He had tried to calm it everyday, but without live flesh it was never going to be possible; he needed it to be pulsating to satiate him, and stop the pressure that kept building up and making him scream everyday.


  1. Oh! Hope he got to do what he wanted. Terrible hostage situation, Miranda.

    1. Hostage? Really? okay. Interesting how people read different things. Although I didn't think the last paragraph put that across.

  2. Lol, Miranda...this is so you! I hope they escape him, not sure if he'll be able to swim in his condition? Can Walkers swim?

  3. Hannibal types....chilling as Donna said.

  4. Thanks everyone. I was more inspired by I Am Legend.

  5. Very Nice Miranda, hope he gets through to escape
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  6. live flesh? chilling sci-fiction woven around a fence.

  7. Eek! I was rooting for him at the beginning and then the last paragraph made me wish that the sailors wouldn't hear him! Love the Hannibal Lecter effect you've created!

    Shailaja/The Moving Quill