Wednesday 25 June 2014

Friday Night - MWBB

Last weeks Mid-Week Blues-Buster didn't bring a big crowd again, and I didn't mind the song - it brought back an 80's feel, but it didn't inspire a lot I felt. Probably the reason I didn't get place, other than the winner's piece absolutely superb! (read it here) I did like the characters I wrote about though, brought back a younger time when I used to go out clubbing. Enjoy! 

The prompt song this week was:
The Break Up Song - by Greg Kihn Band 
Steve liked drama, it was his life blood. If he couldn’t make a scene and get everyone’s attention, what was the point? It didn’t have to be bad drama, it could be good drama too – he didn’t care as long as everyone was looking.

But she’d stolen his limelight and he wasn’t impressed. It was his night; Friday’s were always his night, everyone knew that. While he stood there at the edge of the dancefloor he expected his ring of sycophants to be focused on him, but they weren’t, they were looking at her. He didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Everyone knew Chelsea liked to dance, she always had, and Steve had to relent to the fact that she had a body worth watching, but he didn’t like her doing this to him. He put it down to her being upset over his rejection of her the other week, when she’d sidled up to him and wanted him to take her home. He wasn’t stupid, he wasn’t going to get involved with that – no way. Her rep didn’t match his. Everyone knew what she was like; she got about WAY too much. He couldn’t be seen to be with her.

But there she was, showing off all her assets, and all the boys were loving it. He had to find a way to work this to his advantage. He had to find a way to win back their attention, maybe even get them giving him a pat on the back.

He thought about joining her up there on the podium, but he might end up embarrassing himself and he couldn’t risk that, so what was he left with?  He eyed the other lads in the club, maybe there was someone he could pick a fight with, bring the attention back to him – maybe even bring Chelsea running to him.  He liked the idea, but there was no one in tonight he felt the urge to go to that much trouble over.

Then the music changed and the lights dimmed, and he smiled. He saw her climb down off the podium and head straight for him. He didn’t have to do anything. And they all watched her too – exactly what he wanted.

She stood there looking at him, slightly out of breath. He could see a sheen of perspiration on her face.

“Well, how about it Steve? Will you dance with me?” She shouted over the music.

He hesitated, giving the anticipation a chance to build, get those close by hanging for his response. His words would have to be good; he had to impress.

He let out a laugh and sneered at her. “I don’t think so Chelsea, I ain’t desperate enough for your used piece of meat.”

He smiled round at the others, enjoying the mix of winces and laughs they displayed. But then it came, something he hadn’t been expecting, that wasn’t part of his plan. She slapped him.

It was hard too, everyone heard the crack. His head whipped to the side so fast he knew his neck was gonna hurt later. He could feel the handprint where she’d struck him grow hot too.

He spun back, his eyes filled with rage at the humiliation this was causing him, but she wasn’t finished. She spat at him too and stormed off.

As he wiped it off with the cuff of his sleeve he could see the partially hidden sniggers, the hands raised to lips to cover the smiles. She’s ruined his Friday night. 

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