Wednesday 18 June 2014

Spooky Tales ebook Published!

Back in March, I wrote about being a runner-up in the Spooky Tales Competition run jointly by What The Dickens? Magazine and Miracle E-Zine, and that my piece would be in their ebook anthology.  Finally it has finally been published! Yay!

Unfortunately no announcement was made. I received no response to a query email at the beginning of May, and after seeing a tweet from What the Dickens? Magazine asking if anyone wanted to take it over, I queried again, and to my surprise received a response saying it had been published on the 20th of May - and the good news is that they are still planning to publish a print version!

It's so exciting to be in print!

The ebook version is available through the What the Dickens? shop on their website, and also on Amazon (click the picture for


  1. I've listed this as the "Book of the Week" on the front page of my blog. My "Book of the Week" usually lasts about a month because I'm too lazy to change it on a regular basis. Maybe a few people will check it out! I'll send a tweet out, too.

    1. Wow K R thank you so much! I look forward to having a copy in print too, then it will feel more real.