Friday 13 February 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Open

This week's Five Sentence Fiction spoke to me immediately. 


Belinda sat looking out of the open window, across the vast expanse of land and wondered, as she had so many times, what would happen if she just climbed out of it and ran.

It would be a while before anyone would notice she was gone, the kids were going to their grandma’s after school anyway, because she had an appointment, so she had a few hours head start.

But as always the fantasy faltered when she thought about where to go, and how she would survive once there; she had nothing, no destination, no money and no skills to offer anyone. And her mind went, as usual, to what would happen here without her; how the kids would feel being abandoned, how they would survive, even though they still had their father, and how no one would understand why she had gone.

And plus if she went it meant she could never come back, never return no matter how hard she might regret it – and she might, she knew that, which was why, although the open window beckoned to her, she knew she would never go through it.


  1. Those open windows sometimes lead us several stories down into the dark.

  2. This is a beautiful piece Miranda. I think I can personally relate to this though without the kids and husband. I also think many have had this thought at one point in their lives.
    Excellent job for catching it so beautiful and making it so heartfelt

    Keep on writing