Friday 20 February 2015

Visual Dare - Tempest

Another Visual Dare that can not be missed! Although it took me a long time to get the word count to work for me. 


Emily came rushing in.

“I’ve got it, I’ve got it!”

Sasha ran over and peered at the dark cloud in the jar. She reached out to touch the glass, but a flash of lightning made pull back. “Oh wow, you did too!”

“You can’t keep it.” Augustine came marching over.

“Can too!” Emily pulled the jar away as Augustine tried to take it.

“You can not! JohnQuin will be in SO much trouble if you do!”

“Serves him right for teasing me with it.”

“But Emily he’ll get in trouble with King Ravi.” Sasha had witnessed the Fairy King’s wrath when his underlings exposed their enchantments to outsiders.  

“So? I caught it, it’s mine.”

Augustine lunged at Emily and snatched it away. “Witches can not keep hold of a tempest, it’s dangerous. I’m taking it back.”

Emily screeched in frustration at Augustine as she strode out of the cottage. 

149 Words

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