Thursday 5 February 2015

Visual Dare - Waiting

Quick off the mark again this week with my Visual Dare , although I found the last line of this tricky, as I didn't have in my head who or where the character was going. And really it's just a snippet of a much larger story. Enjoy.

The train jolted and Mandy’s handbag fell onto the floor. The carriage all turned to look while she picked up each item. And why not, she thought, there’s nothing better to do is there? Like helping me! 

As she stuffed each item back into her bag, she sat back and glanced at her watch. She hoped it wasn’t going to take much longer. It was bad enough that she had to make this journey alone, but quite another to have to do it under scrutiny. She wanted it over. 

Fortunately the next stop brought her a reprieve; someone dressed as Santa got on. They all turned to look at him instead, some quite blatantly, and others surreptitiously over their papers or books. Mandy breathed an inner sigh of relief. Thank goodness. Now she just had to work out how she was going to tell her daughter her father wasn’t coming.  

150 Words

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