Monday 16 February 2015

Visual Dare - Second Sight

I've wanted to write for last week's Visual Dare since I saw it, but I didn't manage to squish it in until now.


She lay there and felt the light fall upon her. She let it fill her, its gold embrace flooding through her from top to toe. She felt it flow out of her fingers and toes and spread through the room, sweeping out of the doorway and flooding the entire house. If she opened her eyes she was sure she would see it. But she didn’t want to open them; she wanted to live in the light a little longer.

Angela felt the energies surround her as the light changed from gold to deep white, and then violet, flushing out all her pain, her sadness and only leaving her untainted self inside. It was like they stood waiting for her to tell them what she needed, how they could best assist her. She could feel their support, their strength, and for the first time knew she was not alone. 

148 Words.

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  1. Nice job, Miranda :D The tone of your writing perfectly reflects the photo prompt. :)