Wednesday 18 July 2018

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 64

This week's photo is of Laura's Bridge, in Goodrich Park, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts and managed by the Laura Hill Association. But I was unable to find out who took this photo.

In this sweltering heat I thought a bit of snow was in order. Try and feel that cold air!

I had planned something more serious, but this is what came out. I rather like it.

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The King's Daughters

The person he was tracking was either a fool or setting a trap, either way Rhodri was cautious. But the second set of prints on the bridge confused him. They weren’t significantly smaller – hence a child being carried and then set down – they were the same size. Rhodri didn’t like it. There was something he was missing here.

He continued to follow the footprints into the castle grounds, using them to cover his own tracks. No alarms had been raised at their arrival; could he be wrong in considering them intruders? The Princess had not informed him of any planned visitors, in fact she’d made it clear that no one was to be welcomed without explicit invitation, so who were these people?

The tracks ended abruptly several feet before the entrance into the great hall. Rhodri entered the castle through the servants quarters, swiftly scaling the back stairs to his mistress’s rooms. He needed to be sure she was safe.

He heard raised voices as he approached, and rushed into the room, hand on the hilt of sword ready to defend. But he stopped short, snapping to attention when he saw the back of the King, who was busy admonishing his daughter.

“How could you do this to me Gweneth?”

“This has nothing to do with you, father!” The princess was irate.

“It has everything to do with me. What of the family name?”

“What of it? We must move with the times.”

“Move with the times? Like your security? Your man Rhodri here didn’t even stop my entry.” Rhodri flinched at the insult.

“You were using your magic tricks again though, father, no one could have stopped you. You and that sycophant you carry around like some sort of pet, doing abnormal things.”

“Don’t speak of Hoodwink that way; he has gifts which he has chosen to bestow on his King.”

“His very name describes who he is father, everyone knows that. It’s trickery and deceit, and I won’t be spied on!” The princess stormed to the windows.

“But clearly someone needs to; this marriage will not go ahead!”

Gweneth sighed. “It’s too late father, we are already married.”

The King inhaled bringing himself up to his full height, his face colouring in such a way Rhodri was scared it might actually burst.

“How dare you! Your marriage is not legal without my permission!”

The princess seemed amused at her father’s rage. “What rubbish. Your consent is no longer required.”

“Until your 25th birthday it is!” Her father was indignant.

The princess dropped her smirk. “So concerned, yet you don’t even know your own daughter’s birthday.”

“Yes I do, it was last week!”

“And my age, daddy?” The King paused; she didn’t wait for a response. “Jasmine is a year younger than I. You always get us mixed up.”

This took the wind out of her father who visibly slumped, moving to the sofa to sit down. The princess joined him, her manner changing to one of appeasement.

“Daddy, you know I was going to choose my own suitor, it was always going to be that way. Ruth might have been happy for you to choose, but not me. And he’s a good man, Daddy, he really is.”

Rhodri felt his chest swell with pride. Gweneth looked at him and beckoned him over.

“Rhodri has been by my side all of my adult life, father, I couldn’t love anyone else.” She put out her hand and Rhodri took it, looking into her eyes and returning the love he saw there.

The King’s mouth dropped open. “I was told it was Malick that you planned to marry.”

“Oh father, no! Malick’s hideous.”

He smiled at Rhodri. “I could always trust Rhodri to keep you safe.”

“Oh he does, Daddy, he does. But who on earth told you it was Malick?”

“Your sister, Jacinta.”

Jacinta? But she’s the one who always fancies Malick. Daddy, are you sure she’s not the one planning to marry him?”

The King looked startled. “Oh my goodness! Of course, she’s sent me on this wild goose chase to divert my attention. I must away. Hoodwink? We must go.”

A tiny man appeared in the corner of the room. Rhodri wondered if he’d been there all along. He ran over to the King and climbed up on his back. The King bent down and kissed his daughter’s cheek. “You have my blessing Gweneth dear, I’m sorry I misjudged you.”

Then he walked to the doorway and disappeared in a blue flash. 


  1. Nice story, Miranda.

    I too have a princess tale this week :)
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    1. I love the way you use them all to form a story. Thanks for joining in.