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Review - Love Life, Rob Lowe

Love LifeLove Life by Rob Lowe
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I have always been an unabashed fan of Rob Lowe, since my teenage years when I would gorge myself on his movies and everything 'brat pack', and I also enjoyed his first autobiography 'Stories I Only Tell My Friends', which went into detail about the Outsiders and all the actors involved in it.

Love Life is a more emotional read, mostly due to it being written when Rob Lowe's son was about to go off to college. He shares his feelings with the reader about fatherhood and how much it means to him, and the love he has for his children. Such openness prompted me to shed a tear or two. But it also contains humour: I found myself laughing out loud at the thought of the headline 'Rob Lowe shot dead in forest, mistaken for Big Foot' or 'Rob Lowe's secret fetish: dressing up as Big Foot and roaming forest making wild mating calls'. Hilarious tale.

Rob Lowe writes fluidly, easily engaging the readers with lots of little anecdotes and a ton of name dropping. And he hooks the read in within the first few pages with a story about a vibrator. He clearly knows what he is doing as a writer as well as an actor.

In Love Life he speaks a great deal about his acting career and goes in to detail about acting itself. As a Drama Student back in my college years, I found this interesting and it gave me further insight into what life as an actor is truly like.

The book finishes off on another emotional note, when he talks about his marriage and his wife, and gives some profound observations on life and relationships. Rob shares deep feelings and thoughts with the reader, bringing them that little bit closer. I found his open, vulnerability endearing and special.

I would definitely recommend this book.

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