Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 65

This week's picture is by ZedLord-Art - aka Zenad Nabil, a digital Artist from Algeria. He has some interesting art. Go take a look over at his Deviant Art page.

A picture that in some ways already tells a tale, so I thought hard to try and find another angle. It ended up very short, but if you have no words, it tends to be. 😉

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No Words 

The words just wouldn’t come no matter how hard he tried to put them on paper. He’d spent weeks trying but they weren’t there for him, not anymore.

All his life he had managed to master them, make them dance to the tunes he wrote, but now they were gone, swallowed by events he couldn’t comprehend and never believed would happen.

It had made it all so pointless: the songs, the music, the words – yes, even the words. They had no meaning now. And he knew he should be lucky to still have his piano and a place to play it, many weren’t so lucky.

Now more than ever they needed the sound of it; they needed the comfort of the tune, the reassurance of the words, but he couldn’t provide them. His muse was dead, like the world.

And his words, like the falling ash, were drifting on the breeze, turning to nothing when caught, just disintegrating and remaining but a stain – a reminder of what once was.

Maybe they’d return again like the phoenix, and rise up out of the ashes, when people had recovered, and when the world had become more upside and less down.


  1. Let's see if I can get my fingers and my brain cells to work together this time. (3rd attempt to post my comment. I botched the first 2 attempts.) The Horizon

    1. Flows beautifully. Really like that. Thanks for joining. Glad the words have returned.

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    1. Great piece.

      Here's a clickable link for other readers: Farewell to the Dunes