Sunday 7 February 2016

Visual Dare - Appearing

Almost forgot this one - the first Visual Dare prompt that invited so much. 


He put his ear to the crack of the door, listening as they decided his future. He could hear his mother’s protests as his father insisted it was what needed to be done. His heart broke with her voice as she began to cry saying she didn’t want him sent away. But the two strangers still persisted with their argument that it would be best for him; how India wasn’t tolerant of people that looked different, certainly not from higher class families like theirs.

Then his mother’s sobs turned to rage, and a spray of insults spewed from her mouth directed at her father as much as to the strangers. They became louder as she marched to the door, flinging it open to expose him eavesdropping there. But instead of anger she showed him love, sweeping him up in her arms as she ran with him from the house.

Words 149

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