Sunday 28 February 2016

Visual Dare - Lift

This weeks Visual Dare offered an interesting photo. This is what came to me. 


It had taken Bethany an age to find the gateway, but once she had it, she raced into the woods, not allowing the cumbersome frame to hinder her. She knew her uncle had a wealth of curiosities in the mansion, but she hadn’t realise he’d discovered the magical realms. She’d look into it later, for now it was all about getting Rhodri out, he was so weak after years of confinement.

She stuck her head through the frame and saw him lying on the desert floor.

“Rhodri!” She screamed, knowing the sand tramps would arrive soon. Relief filled her when he pulled himself up and grasp the sheet she’d dangled through.

She pulled it up, using a tree for leverage, not satisfied until his head and shoulders cleared the edge of the frame. Then she yanked him out by his hands, until they fell on the forest floor panting. 


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