Sunday 7 February 2016

Visual Dare - Tethered

I was taking a break from Flash Fiction to focus on my writing, but I missed it. And being that I am partial to photo prompts, Visual Dare often sparks a story. And when they started up for 2016 again it was no exception. Enjoy.


Nancy sat on a bench in the middle of the shopping centre watching people rushing around, focused on the things they had to do in the short time they had. They wore frowns of concentration as they flitted from shop to shop, pushing buggies with screaming kids, dragging reluctant boyfriends, hauling the weekly shop with a face that looked like it needed a week of sleep. 

Nancy noticed more than that though; she saw the concrete blocks tethered to their ankles, and the hands tied behind their backs as they struggled to breathe in the ocean of people and pointless living. They’d been weighted down after years of drilling by their parents, their teachers, the media and the rigid constructs of society, all telling them this was how life was suppose to be; this would fulfil them. But Nancy knew better, she’d broken free from the torture years ago.

Words 149

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