Sunday 7 February 2016

Visual Dare - Evacuate

The recent Visual Dare image was mind blowing. I had the opening line in my head from the second I saw it but struggled to get it on paper until today due to always being too busy!


Jeb was sick of living in the outer-sphere, he wanted to be where the action was. But inter-galaxy living was for the highflyers not the plebs, he told himself as he inched along the highway with the other trillion outlanders, going to their predestined jobs; a tiny cog in the industrial machine that was planet farming.

He fiddled with the radio trying to intercept one of the outer-ring channels, catch a bit of the ‘in-crowd’ to cheer himself up, but all he got was static. He sighed. He’d had enough of pod living here on this air sucking planet, he wanted to be where the action was.

He stared at the spiral galaxy slowly turning in the sky ahead, his mind flicking through the possibilities. A smile crept across his face. Maybe a pleb could break out of the mould and reach the outer-limb if he had the right connections.

150 Words


  1. Just a fantastic image, and I love it paired with the hum-drum of a morning commute and dreams for a life less ordinary. :D