Sunday, 7 February 2016

Visual Dare Transcend

This photo from Visual Dare did it again. The story was there, ready to be written.


Everyone thought she was mad, that it would hinder her career, but she knew better. She knew that he offered exactly what was needed; he could glide like no other man, and bring out the best of her dancing. Everyone told her the attention would be on him and his wheelchair, and not on their beautiful dancing, but she disagreed. She believed they would be equal, that the audience would be amazed how well they worked together. He was incredible. He was smooth. His arm strength exceeded any other dancer she’d known; the moves they had worked out would blow everyone away. 

Emily was excited for the first time ever, truly believing they had a shot at the gold. And she wasn’t wrong, as she lay trembling above him, trying to hold the lift for as along as possible as the roar of the standing ovation rolled over them. 

149 Words

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