Monday 5 May 2014

Star-crossed Lovers - MWBB

After skipping a week, due to my shoulder and due to the song not inspire me, last weeks Mid-Week Blues-Buster, song was not to be missed. It's a famous, some would say over-played, song, which spoke to me immediately. I already had the bones of this story down, having written it a long time ago, but this song reminded me of it, so I dusted it off and edited it up, adding and taking away, and I was surprised it seemed to have worked, eliciting a 2nd place from the judge!

The prompt song this week was:
 Your Beautiful - James Blunt

I never thought I'd see you again after you left me on the side of the street that morning and drove away.

I know you had to; I was going. I know you didn’t want me to – your call a couple of hours later made that clear, but there was no choice, my visa had ended, our time was over, we’d always known it would be. We both thought it was the end – until I found you eleven years on.

It started when I heard your voice on the other end of the phone - like an old piece of music my ears had been dying to hear for a lifetime; my trembling hands barely able to keep the sound of it against my ear.

And then I saw you. You were so easy to identify; your youth still standing out, and your searching eyes finding mine hidden behind my glasses. Our embrace was so easy, so comfortable, like we’d seen each other only days before, and conversation flowed, desperate to catch up on all those years in between.

We walked beside one another once more, up the steps to the cathedral pretending to be tourists; the thought of touching somehow dangerous now that we belonged to other people, but electricity still ran between us and distracted us from the architecture around us.

Over lunch holding eye contact was difficult at the beginning, the nakedness of our feelings easily caught in a glimpse or a smile. But by the end of we had returned to our original state; able to laugh and exchange banter with side glances and quick-witted comments. The last of which reminded me that we hadn’t forgotten how we’d been, that it was all still there; nothing had changed between us.

Yet when it was time for my second departure our embrace was awkward, you body rejecting it as though it was a step too far, and I walked onto the train missing you with the same ache I had felt eleven years before as though no time had past; your scent, your sound, your energy still enveloping me. And my eyes welled with tears of loss, of somehow missing a chance that was never quite there.

And like all those years ago I hoped to see you again although it was unlikely; we were only a gift to each other for a moment, a reminder of who we once were, stars in the night while ships passed.

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