Monday 19 May 2014

Wang Dang Doodle - MWBB

This weeks Mid-Week Blues-Buster created pictures in my head straight away so I ran with them. I loved the tale it produced, although I had to edit it hard to come in at 700 words. I had to cut a little of Steve's character which was a shame, but I was pleased when it still brought me a 3rd place. Hope you like it. 

The prompt song this week was:
  Wang Dang Doodle - Koko Taylor
He wanted to do it, they had to do it; he wouldn’t accept any arguments. Dorian got into his 1962 Corvette. It shined red hot tonight, just like his mood.

He drove to Steve’s place. Even with the top down his black quiff didn’t move; he’d lacquered it good tonight. When he stopped in the driveway, he checked it in the mirror, comb at the ready, but winked at himself instead – it was still perfect, he just hoped Mavis would think so too.

Steve was sitting on the porch having a beer. Dorian wanted to get going.

“Come on man, finish it up, it’s gonna be pumping at the Roxy tonight, Koko’s playing.”

Steve gave him a lazy grin. “Hold your horses man, there’s no rush. Take a pew, crack one open.”

“No man, not yet, I wanna get there first.” Dorian paced the verandah.

Steve’s smile faded as he watched him. “Geez you’re wired tonight, what’s up?”

“It’s time man, I’m not messing about anymore. I want it a done deal with me and her.”

“Arh.” Steve raised an eyebrow, his grin returning. “Little Mavis. You sure she’s gonna be out tonight?”

“She’d never miss Koko.” Dorian slapped Steve’s boot. “Come on man, let’s go.”

Steve raised his hands in surrender and stood up. “Alright, alright, I’ll just fetch my jacket.”

Steve arrived at the car with his black leather on. Dorian looked at his hair with envy; the natural blond locks at the front displaying a perfect double-sided rolled quiff. Dorian’s hair wouldn’t allow it.

When they pulled up in front of the Roxy, the valet took the keys and they went inside, Dorian scanning the vast room for his beloved. It was heaving in the club, even though Koko wasn’t on yet. Another band was warming things up.

Dorian squeezed through the crowd to the bar, Steve at his heels. The barman put two bottles in front of them, too busy for conversation, and they tossed the required coins into his hand.

They turned to lean against the counter and observe the room. Heads turned, mostly female, spotting Steve, but a few men turned too, wanting to know who their women were looking at. They eyeballed Steve and he eyeballed them back, his easy grin not dropping. Dorian didn’t like it, but he knew Steve could handle any one of them.

Then Dorian spotted her, way at the front. He tapped Steve’s shoulder and they pushed forward keeping to the right where there were less people, until they were level with her.

She was out in the middle dancing, her full red skirt spinning round as she twizzled back and forth; showing off the petticoats underneath. Her blonde hair bounced at the back, but the perfectly rolled curls either side of her centre-parting didn’t move. She beamed at her partner, the elusive Eloise who everyone admired - even Steve.

Upon seeing them Steve raised an eyebrow, keen to go over. He never failed to take a crack at Eloise even though she usually turned him down. Besides her stunning looks, Dorian knew Steve liked the thrill of the chase; it was a novelty for him. It caused other girls to dislike her, but she didn’t care.

They set their beers down on a standing table and pushed through to cut in, Dorian to Mavis and Steve to Eloise. Tonight the girls let them. If there was one thing Dorian could do, it was dance, and tonight he used all his skill as he moved Mavis up and around him. Steve was also working his magic, his feet as sure as Dorian’s – heck if the girls knew they practiced together in Dorian’s barn, they’d bust a gut!

The moment was ripe, Dorian couldn’t hold off any longer. When the song ended, he pulled her into him and said, “Let’s do it Mavis, let’s go steady. You know you want to.”

She giggled at him, and whispered, “Only if Eloise will with Steve.”

Dorian’s face dropped, until she giggled again and he followed her gaze over his shoulder. Steve & Eloise were already kissing. He swept Mavis into his arms to do the same. 

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