Thursday, 13 February 2014

'Bound' - Published in Sirens Call magazine

This month, Issue #13 from Sirens Call Publications is themed 'Women in Horror' and is a much larger issue, with it being devoted to female authors who write Horror.

You can find my piece 'Bound' on page 27.

There are many of my friends in this months issue:

Jenn Monty - 'Waterlogged' - Page 95
Laura Jamez - 'Survival' - Page 126
Cara Michaels - 'Reunion' - Page 139
Marije Myers - 'Inside Out' - Page 147

As always with this ezine, the stories are not for the faint hearted - mine will definitely disturb you!

The good thing about this ezine is that it is free to download, so no excuse, go and read it now!


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