Sunday, 23 February 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Sunshine

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction sparked a follow on from the piece I had published Sirens Call ezine (Issue #13 - Women in Horror), called Bound. It's a resolution to that piece, a 'happy ending' if you will.


Christa felt the heat of the sun on her sore body as she came to, listening out for any sound of them before moving a muscle or daring to open an eye, but there was only bird song. 

The skin on her back felt raw and flayed from the up and down motion against the bark of the tree, and her arms ached as she attempted to bring herself to standing, tired from being tied behind her back for so long, but it was the pain between her legs that screamed the loudest and caused her legs to buckle, leaving her on her knees as she avoided looking down at herself.

Christa heard a car in the distance and shrank back from the edge of the road, shuffling into the undergrowth, trying to ignore the prickle of bushes as her mind reeled in terror at the thought that they’d returned for more.

She thought she’d succeeded in making herself invisible when it drove passed, but then she heard the engine slow down and a door open, and a voice say, “I’m sure I saw something, let me check it out.”

She attempted to retract further as she heard their approach thinking that if she didn’t look they couldn’t see her, until a gentle, soothing tone reached her and a blanket was proffered, causing her to rock and sob, while they reassured her it was over and going to be okay now. 

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