Monday, 3 February 2014

Last Supper - MWBB

I skipped a week on the Mid-Week Blues-Buster, because I couldn't get the song prompt to work for me the week before last - in fact I struggled to listen to the song. But last week's was quite sublime and I really liked it, despite the male lead singer's dodgy look and not great voice. It inspired my darker side, and it earnt me a third place.

The prompt song this week was:
  Lacuna - End of Time

He’d called her earlier in the day to confirm the time he was coming home. She couldn’t wait; the house was immaculate, and the dining room all laid out. She’d even polished the silver candelabra.

As dusk approached she prepared the food. He liked it meaty, he liked lots of it, so she had gone beyond her usual expertise, but it worked as she set the dishes.

Then she got herself ready, slipping into a comfortable and sexy black dress. She knew he’d like it. She smiled. It was perfect; he wouldn’t know what hit him. She giggled. No, he wouldn’t, but that was how she wanted it.

She heard his car and glided down the ornate staircase, hovering on the bottom step as she heard his footsteps on the gravel path. He opened the door and paused when he saw her. His greeting caught in his throat as his eyes swept over her.

“Avril, you look…amazing.”

“Thank you Paul.”

He shut the door behind him and put his brief case down. She could see a question forming in his eyes.

“You want to ask me why, don’t you?”

He stammered as he replied, “Well yes, I do, I…is there a reason?”

Avril smiled at him. “We’ll get to that later, first I want you to enjoy it all.”

She saw the crease flutter across his temple, but he remained silent while she led him to the dining room. When he saw the presentation of their meal he stood in the doorway blinking, and let out a slight laugh.

“Come closer, take a look at what I’ve prepared.”

“You’ve prepared? You mean this wasn’t catered?” Paul stumbled forward, peeking under the lids of the huge tureens. It looked divine.

He sat down at the head of the table, and Avril sat at his side. She wanted to be close to him and share the intimacy of the moment.

He watched her serve him, laughing as she piled all the food on to his plate, relaxing a little as she piled it on her own too. He watched her tuck in first before starting in on his, and they sat gorging themselves on all the meaty delights.

Then she brought over a bottle of red wine she’d opened earlier. She poured a healthy quantity into both of their wine glasses, laughing as he raised his and took several swallows from it.

Then his demure changed, the smile sliding from his lips.

“There’s something in this, isn’t there?”

She nodded while she sipped at hers.

“But you’ve got the same, haven’t you?”

She nodded again and gave a small smile as she said, “I’m not about to let you go out alone. We started out together and we’ll end together.”

His eyes flashed with fear and rage as he regarded the glass, and threw the contents across the room.

“I knew this was too good to be true! You haven’t done anything like this for me in years.”

“You haven’t wanted me to; you’ve had ‘her’ to do it for you.”

His rage dropped, but the fear remained. He swallowed. “You mean, Larissa?”

“Yes dear, Larissa. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Did you think I would be okay with it continuing under my nose?”

“What have you done?” He whispered.

Avril waved her arm at the table in front of them. “I decided to celebrate with a meal; a last supper if you will, while the poison does its work.

Paul could feel his legs tingling. “But I haven’t drunk enough.”

“It wasn’t just in the wine dear.” Sweat beads were breaking out on Avril’s forehead and she dabbed them with a napkin.

“The meat?” Paul’s mouth felt strange, the edges had started twitching.

“Yes, I marinated her well, Paul.”

Paul managed to whisper, “Her?” as he started to slide down the chair.

Avril was also struggling. Her glass dropped from her hand as her arm went limp, but she managed a giggled, and said, “Yes, Larissa. She had more meat on her than I thought. She tasted pretty good too, don’t you think?”

The frozen look of horror completed it for her as she grinned her way into death. 

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  1. Deliciously wicked! What a horrific way for Paul (and Larissa!) to go. xx