Sunday, 2 February 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Frozen

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction was open to looks of ideas. This is where it took me.


Alice shivered as she sat on the ice waiting for rescue. The robin that had landed nearby kept her in check as it hammered on the ice, trying to find anything worth eating.

Her soaked clothing was beginning to harden in the bitter wind as she watched the bird and envied the warmth of its feathers; noticing her own hands had taken on a blue hue.

Alice wondered how it survived out here, but considered that if it too had fallen into the water it might also be struggling for life.

She heard the helicopter as tiredness began to crawl into her mind, and she resisted the urge to close her eyes and rest as the shaking in her body started to slow down. 


  1. We're almost there, Alice! - the reader wants to shout.
    Nicely written story
    Well done