Monday, 10 February 2014

Visual Dare - Contemplating

This week's Visual Dare photo prompt inspired me immediately, particularly in combination with the word prompt. I always try to combine them, it never occurs for me to use the word, but find another photo, although I might just use the photo without the word. Anyway, this is what this week's brought for me.


Irene sat in the empty auditorium wondering where it had all gone wrong. Everyone had filed out and she was left seated, contemplating how she’d ended up here.

It was a small dead end town in the middle of nowhere and she’d been isolated here for too many years. She’d tried her hardest to break ice with the ‘natives’ and they would be civil, but there was no attempt to include her or know her better.

She thought back to the days after college, starting out as a winch operator backstage at one of the top theatres, full of hopes and dreams and aspiring to have achieved them by the end of her twenties.

But here she was in her forties watching amateur productions, no one knowing or caring what she dreamed of, wondering if she could continue doing this solely for her children.


  1. A wonderful piece, Miranda. A shard of something much, much bigger. You pack a lot into this entry, sketching big, interesting elements of backstory with the fewest of words. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Isolated with one's own dreams --- it's own form of tragedy. At the same time, I sense a lurking note of rising hope, or determination. I bet she won't stay sitting in her circumstances for much longer. Great entry!