Monday, 3 February 2014

Daily Picspiration - Time and Motion Part 3

The third part in my Daily Picspiration piece was posted up yesterday.

It took a while for me to sort out what was going to be the next stop for this story. I didn't want to cross into famous story lines from films like The Matrix or the TV series Sliders. I wanted to try and find a unique approach. I had to write down a list on the concepts for this story I wanted to keep intrigue and build the story line - not just have it be about a couple of characters and their experiences in another reality. It took some doing, and although I am again stumped for the next part, I have a clearer idea what it is about, so I will be able to thrash something out. Not sure how much longer I can maintain it though.

 You can read 'Time and Motion - Part 3' here.

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