Sunday, 23 February 2014

Visual Dare - Devoted

Having missed a great photo last week, I wasn't going to miss out again on this week's Visual Dare. There was so much this photo could be about, but this is what it inspired me to write.

Robert sighed when he came in and saw the mess again. He went to fetch the dustpan and brush, giving the cat a swat on his way. He was sick of it shredding the roses.

They were for Mindy. He still missed her every day. He liked keeping her picture adorned with the flowers she loved and didn’t understand why the cat had started doing this. Every day for the past two weeks he’d come home to find this, ever since he’d started seeing Julia.

A thought crossed his mind, but he dismissed it. Julia was sweet and understood his broken widowed heart, having one of her own. She wasn’t the jealous type - unlike his late wife. He paused, studying Mindy’s picture. Was that a frown on her face just now, or was it the light? He laughed. There was nothing like guilt to make you start seeing things.  


  1. Hi, Cat's eh? Sounds like a tad bit of jealousy ;) And the 'frown'.... could be from the grave, but he didn't believe.. A great story!

  2. Hahaha. I wonder how long it will be before that cat scratches him to death for unfounded swatting!
    Nicely done!